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A Comparison of the Methods in Which Fitzgerald and Bronte Present Their Heroes. (2742 Words)

A comparison of the ways in which Fitzgerald and Bronte present their personalities. (2742 words) In both "Wuthering Heights" and "The Great Gatsby", the writers have put the fundamental focus for the readers on the romantic heroes of the text. The amorous heroes in the two texts are Gatsby and Heathcliff. Both of these characters are both very similar and quite distinct and the next is a comparison of how each of these is introduced in the books. 1 thing that both Gatsby and Heathcliff have in common is that they both possess a mysterious past, which the readers understand very little about. In Heathcliff's instance, we're aware that he had been an orphan living on the streets of Liverpool when he was embraced by Mr Earnshaw. Coming from such a humble and deprived background Heathcliff wasn't entirely accepted by the people of Wuthering Heights. Mrs Earnshaw, Hindley and even Catherine resented him at first. Although Catherine grew to love Heathcliff up to her daddy, Hindley's contempt for him grew after the passing of his mother, who had been an ally against Heathcliff. Hindley's hatred of Heathcliff was further provoked when it became obvious to him, that he wasn't his dad's preferred son. As readers we understand very little about Heathcliff's last earlier this point, and this increases the aura of mystery which surrounds him. Similarly, we know very little about Gatsby's past. Fitzgerald delays introducing Gatsby until late in the publication, by doing so he his added to the sense of mystery and secrecy which surrounds him. Throughout the opening chapters of this book, the only information that the readers are privy to, would be the rumours and gossip from the guests in Gatsby's parties. At the close of the book we learn the truth about Gatsby, that he had been.

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