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Discomfort, Irritation, and Confusion of The Bath Essay

Discomfort, Irritation, and Confusion of The Bath Individuals are living robots. They follow the norm. They proceed with the most recent trend. They walk the latest walk and discuss the most recent talk. Even the "brilliant ideas" that sprout from people's minds are a combination of other people's ideas and ideas; friends, family and the media are the greatest influences. When a situation that is out of the norm confronts people, they are suddenly caught off guard, and instead of handling the situation , they shy away from it in attempt to return to their protective glass case; the standard. Raymond Carver compels his readers to face distress, annoyance, and confusion during reading "The Toilet". His language is dry, and the story is short. The characters don't have names, the language does not flow well, and the ending leaves the reader hanging. The message of this story is vague, and the plot lacks depth; however, the details This narrative reveals throughout the concise language surpasses any detail which "A Small, Very Good Thing" reveals through its abundance of words. To start with, "The Bath" lacks much use of adverbs. Adverbs typically help describe an action so the reader better knows either the character or the situation. Certainly, the purpose of not including adverbs in this brief story is to force the reader to focus on what happens rather of how something occurs. A short story is "something glimpsed from the corner of the eye, in passing" (Carver 558). A reader shouldn't feel connected with all the characters from the story because that isn't the author's main concern. An author simply attempts to convey a message via some words in a page that's arranged in.

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