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In a culture enshrouded by a type of melancholy discovered just in Turkey, there is certainly no feeling even more pervasive than alienation. Like a low flying cloud, lüzun weighs over Turkey and floods actually the brightest expectations of the Republic with a measure of gloom. Triggered by a emergency of identification principally, alienation makes very much of the inhabitants of Turkey separate from the politics and sociable procedures. Though Turkey was once a right part of a great empire that spanned much of Europe and Asia, it all is definitely a dwarf of its previous personal today. It was once home to a great Islamic civilization whose culture flourished and spread to the ends of the earth, yet it is usually an officially secular culture lacking of spiritual motivation right now. While these noticeable changes occurred many years ago, most Turks have not yet recovered. As the captive is normally separated from culture simply, many contemporary Turks are separated from the very heart and soul of ethnic and historic Turkish identification. As the voice of the social people, literature and art can offer us with insight into the Turkish mind. They can help us understand the peculiarities of Turkishness and the effects of alienation on Turkish identity. Relating to Marxist philosopher Alan Real wood, alienation “is usually to become compelled to lead a existence in which [one’s] character provides no chance to become achieved or actualized” (Hardwood 22). In his “Autobiography,turkish poet ”, Nazιmeters Hikmet laments upon dropped possibilities in his existence: “After the age group of twenty-one I ended heading areas a lot of people move to: / Mosque, chapel, praise, synagogue, shrine” (Hikmet 325). Like many Turks of his period, Hikmet could not really accept his identification as a Turk completely. His own actions, from speaking out against injustice to inciting rebellion gave Turkish officials cause to imprison him a n...

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