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CREATED ON 7th January 2018

A Analysis of Owen's 'Dulce et Decorum Est' and Tennyson's 'The Charge of the Light Brigade'

An analysis of Owen's Dulce et Decorum est along with Tennyson's The Charge of the Light brigade Wilfred Owen and Alfred Lord Tennyson both wrote notable poetry on the issue surrounding war. Owen was born on the 18th March 1893. Owen undergone the war and therefore he composed intricate detail on lifestyle on the battlefield. Among his famous poems about the part of warfare is called 'Dulce et Decorum Est so it's sweet and wonderful to die for your native land in Latin. Even though the title of this poem is positive the message from the poem illuminates the damaging features of war and is written via the eye of a soldier that is Owen himself. He relates his encounter into his sculptures and poem his perspectives negatively about war in thickness. Alfred Lord Tennyson was born on 6th August 1809 and can be known as a well recognized poet. He composed a poem which depicts the bravery and gallantry of a soldier confronted with adverse conditions. His poem The Charge of the Light Brigade is based on a more positive aspect of war and highlights the devotion and bravery soldiers consumed in name of their nation. In this short article I will first analyse Owen's poem: Dulce et Decorum Est in term of what material he had been attempting to communicate in his poem and how the usage of speech helped him convey this message. Next, I will reevaluate Tennyson's Poem: The charge of the Light Brigade and watch what language and imagery he had to convey his message. This will lead me on comparing both genders Assessing the similarities and differences of each poem. In doing do I will take a look at how every poet is effective in conveying the message through their use of vision. Wilfred Owen most eminent poem regarding war is called Dulce et Decorum est which means The Old Twist in Latin. T.. .

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