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One 100 Years of Solitude and The Girl in the Dunes Essay

Solitude can can be found in many methods and can become present in any type in human being creatures. Each person is normally ultimately by itself deep inside themselves, which is usually why cable connections and conversation are important in lifestyle. In the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Kobo Abe's The Woman in the Dunes, solitude is one of the primary dilemmas that the primary characters in the novels encounter. In the books, the primary people are constantly searching for a method to beat their loneliness in the globe and in many instances try to discover it through intimate sex. The patriarch Jose Arcadio Buendia, in One 100 Years of Solitude, is certainly the owner of Macondo. The area of Mocondo can be significant as it rests on an remote place which provides the feeling of the Buendia family members getting encircled by solitude. It also appears as if solitude is usually an passed down feature of the Buendia family members leading to a design of incest, which was began by Jose Arcadio Buendia and his wife, who can be his 1st aunty also, Ursula Iguaran. Sex is definitely most likely utilized in the book as a method to in some way connection the family members jointly. Sex can be utilized as a tool to make connections to one another and can create body language which may also be a way of communicating. We observe this specifically in the second era of the family members, when Colonel Aureliano Buendia offers sex during the wars with seventeen different ladies (which he displays no indication of predilection towards). You can also consider that he proceeded to go on a trip to free of charge himself from solitude and general was lost as it was proven when he produced an attempt to obtain with the young "mulatto" woman captive by her grandma. This displays an work by one of the Buendia guys to try to possess a adoring romantic relationship with another char...

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