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The Path to a Career as a Sportscaster Essay

I want to be a sportscaster since you get to be on TV and you get to ask questions to your favourite players but you can not show it like how that is your favorite player. It seems fun to do this and work with some famous men and women. Plus you get to talk to some really good people that played sports like Joe Madden, he played football in the NFL and now they make games about him. The very first time ESPN went on TV and it was a favorite series since it was talking about sports and people's favourite players and more people started to watch it because it was all around sports, and more people began to work for them and they got really big and more displays. They have 49,000 people working for them and they help do camera function and makeup things but the majority of them are on TV because they want to work on TV some people are just camera shy about being about TV. The related tasks that are similar to this job could be found all around the world but the one's we largely see is ESPN and SPORTSCENTER the headquarters of ESPN are in Bristol, Connecticut they operate the office in Los Angeles and it will do the same all over the world but not countries far from the United States. To be a sports caster you can be a female or a male and the age limitation is at the late 20's and you'll be able to remain for as long as you want because you are already there so you can stay if you want and you have to work at a newspaper location to get just a little bit because you must have some experience in the work that you do. And you have to go to work in a physical and healthy way so you may do well at everything you do. The experience you've got to have isn't being shy and a fantastic talker so the people may understand what you're saying and you have to have doubts about the gamers, some people do have grammar.

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