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Essay on Review of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart From the Novel Things Fall Apart (1958), written by Chinua Achebe is one of the worlds most read African novels and is a fantastic example of tribal life in Africa in the end of the nineteenth-century (Garner, 2013). It's much more than just a book about heritage, habits, and history. It's more about the battle between history versus change and new ideas versus the status quo. It's a story of how when you lead by fear, force and are self-servant you're weak and will finally fail. The character Okonkwo's entire life was based his fear of losing his power and dropping his social standing within the tribe. He wasn't just frightened for himself, he also created fear of him ; in his tribe, along with his spouse and his children all feared him. The manner Okonkwo desired to live and the power he wanted crumbled around him because he lived with fear of becoming his dad and couldn't adapt to change. Okonkwo's father, Unoka, was in debt his whole life and wasn't a person the tribe looked to for leadership and bravery. He was a man who lived in the present time and could not look towards the future (Nosek, 2008). This is something which Okonkwo deeply despised, and was ashamed that not merely did he notice his dad's laziness, the remaining portion of the village new it too. His father was also in debt to others, he held no official name within the village and wasn't worth anything to people around him to his family. Respect was something that was honored and attained through bravery, hard work and discipline, and this is something which Okonkwo took great pride and occasionally allow blind him. He lived in fear that he'd become his dad and the only way to prevent this from happening was to become self-reliant, possess many titles an...

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