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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay

In Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem and Scout develop studying how people in Maycomb treat one another. At a sizable part of the novel, figures of the rich and the poor are included in Tom Robinson's case. Some personalities are mockingbirds (someone or something which just does great), but nobody has been able to see how they could be. Maycomb is infected with racism and bias affecting how folks view one another including the mockingbirds and the innocent: Mr. Dolphus Raymond, Mayella Ewell, and Walter Cunningham. Maycomb's citizens, contaminated with racial prejudice prevents them from truly understanding and accepting Mr. Dolphus Raymond. Before the trial begins, Jem talks about Mr. Dolphus Raymond in a tone as though he feels guilt for him: "He drinks from a coca-cola jar full of whiskey; folks say he never got over his weddin' in which his bride could not deal with the reality he enjoyed blacks more than whites. He's been drunk ever since" (214). Jem considers that Mr. Dolphus Raymond is a spoiled, drunk man who has no idea what he's doing whatsoever; Jem feels awful for the way he lives his life inebriated all of the time. The people of Maycomb do not pay much attention to Mr. Dolphus Raymond, only seeing him as a drunk, and nothing else. During the trial, Mr. Dolphus Raymond gives an explanation to Scout and Dill concerning why he is "always drunk": "If I weave a little and drink from this sofa, folks can declare Dolphus Raymond's in the clutches of whiskey- that is why he won't alter his ways" (268). Mr. Dolphus Raymond was purposely hiding his true identity; he understood the people wouldn't know why a white man with a good family history would favor black folks over whites. The racism around Maycomb forced Mr. Dolphus Ra...

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