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CREATED ON 4th January 2018

Essay about KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) from China

Fast food restaurants have become popular among the consumers nowadays. Lots of fast food restaurants are working to serve the needs in the marketplace as people seek for fast and convenient place to eat. On account of the simple fact that there are a huge amount of fast food chains available in the world marketplace, quick food businesses have to strive for achievement. By simply providing quick and convenient style of eating for the clients isn't sufficient to remain competitive. That is why it is intriguing to research and learn about a quick food business that stands out in such a competitive environment. What's KFC China been doing to achieve success? What marketing strategies did they use to control the marketplace? We will learn in the subsequent sections. Background and General Background KFC is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains from the Yum! Brands along with fried chicken is what the business specializes. KFC was set up by Harland Sanders, that was afterwards called Colonel Sanders. Moreover, KFC was among the first fast-food restaurant chains to expand globally, including the opening sockets in Beijing, China, in November 1987 (KFC Website, 2013). The fact that KFC had been the first Western fast food company in China makes it very challenging to satisfy the Chinese sector. Trying to sell the same goods or services is a typical approach to most foreign growth for franchise businesses (Bell, 2011). However, one-size fits all approach isn't exactly what KFC chooses to apply to their company. Based on Shelman, the author of this case study concerning KFC’s Explosive Growth in China, crucial achievement for KFC China is to alter the menu to suit Chinese tastes and fashion of eating (Starvish, 2011). ВЂњOne of those course I take away from this situation is that to.

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