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Analysis of Course in Holly Fielding's Joseph Toby Essay

Fielding sates that in his story Joseph Andrews that he seeks to “ explain not really guys, but ways;not really an specific, but a species”1. He will go on to condition that his purpose is usually “not to promote one pitiful wretch to the little and contemptible group of his friend, but to keep the cup to hundreds in their closets, that they may consider their deformity, and practice to decrease it, and by struggling personal mortification may prevent open public pity”2 hence. Here we can see that Fielding is suggesting that this novel will contain characters we will recognise and he hopes that in recognising certain characters and laughing at their supposed superiority that we in turn will look at ourselves and perhaps rectify our behaviour. Therefore it could become stated that in this story we will arrive across people from different classes and in this article I will look at the display of course in Joseph Andrews. An essential part about how the classes are provided in Joseph Andrews is certainly Reserve II, Part XIII where Fielding presents a “dissertation regarding high people and low people”. He says that the “human varieties are divided into two kinds of people, to humor, Large people and Low people”3. He will go on to comment that Large individuals are “people of fashion4” but this will not really indicate that they are and "higher in their Proportions" or of "exalted individuals and abilities"5 than the rest of culture. He further looks at the idea of style and expresses that the term offers dropped its unique meaning “as a Person who drest himself in the Style of the Situations; and the Phrase and really denotes no even more to this day"6 actually. Therefore we can see that Fielding does not make any distinction in people of fashion and no fashion and states that their clothes are the.

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