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CREATED ON 3rd January 2018

The Curse of Macbeth Essay

Lots of individuals believe that there is a terrible curse that's been put upon Shakespeare's Macbeth. Since the premiere of Macbeth in 1606, it has had a streak of unfortunate events affecting superstitions in the theater world, which were inspired traditions that are now typical in theatres, like never whistle on or off stage, never desire decent luck, and, many well known, never speak of "Macbeth" in the theater unless you are doing it. (Molly) In 1604, William Shakespeare trying to please King James I, cast caution and imagination aside and to get the opening scene of Macbeth's Act IV he replicated a 17th century black-magic ritual,. Without changing an ingredient, Old Will provided his audience with step-by-step instructions in the furtive art of spell casting: Macbeth was written for King James I. Within this period of time, an estimated nine million women were put to death to be accused as witches. The King was quite interested in witchcraft, therefore Shakespeare integrated it into Macbeth. (Hanske/Monson) The belief in the reality and power of witches was broadly believed in Shakespeare's day. The practice of witchcraft was seen to threaten the conventional order of faith and culture, and consequently was not tolerated. Witch hunting was a respectable, and moral chase through a lot of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. (Riedel) Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's more popular plays, however not as many folks know about the superstitions that surround Macbeth. There's an old belief that when Shakespeare had generated a sacred black-magic ritual by which a group of witches danced around a black cauldron, shouting spells at the opening scene of Act IV, without changing an ingredient, he supplied his audience with incremental in...

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