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Satellite Communications Description Essay

What is a satellite television? It really is defined as “an all natural body that revolves around a world; a moon” or “a device made to be released into orbit around the planet earth, another planet, sunlight, etc.”. For this function, the second definition may be the one which will be centered on. Satellites certainly are a new technology fairly, no more than 60 years outdated. For it’s short use, it has impacted individual society greatly. The development of satellite communications technology has impacted our day-to-day life and military procedures greatly. Before satellites were possible, mankind had to depend on other kinds of communication. Samuel Morse, an inventor born in Charlestown Mass., created many improvements to the prevailing telegraph already. From 1832 before unveiling in 1838, Morse created the morse Code which contains dots-and-dashes to represent figures and letters.. Although credited with the advancement, his associate Vail was later on credited with the initial idea for a dot-and-dash edition (Morse Code). That century later, Alexander Graham Bell created calling. “Bell's greatest achievement was attained on March 10, 1876, marked not merely the birth of calling but the loss of life of the multiple telegraph aswell” (THE ANNALS of calling - Alexander Graham Bell). This greatest achievement was the first effective utilization of a phone by Bell to contact his associate in another area. As the quote claims, the development of calling did actually make the telegraph obsolete. One disadvantage that calling did have, though, was that it had to be linked by wires between the individuals using these phones physically. A fresh invention, radio, was permitted by many inventors including Henirich Hertz, Nikola Tesla, Ernst Reginald and Alexanderson...

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