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Explanation of the Intellectual Foundation and Techniques Which Were Used in the Organization Beneath Benito Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini is an uncommon case where history could have taken another class were it not to him. Ahead of Mussolini's rise to power Italy was politically unstable and economically underdeveloped. Italy was merged overdue in the 1800s around the time of Mussolini's birth in 1883 and also the period of Garibaldi's death in 1882. Though Italy successfully united the country on a map, there was a serious lack of unity within the nation's boarders. Preexisting battles between north and south Italy were not left with the unification. Italy's government didn't represent its people but its own government and company officials. Italians did not have a sense of national pride to Italy which would not change until Mussolini would come in to power years after with ideals of fascism. Ideas that were twisted and shaped during his entire life. Benito Mussolini was born July 29th, 1883 at Predappio, Italy. His foundation in politics started in his childhood and teens. Mussolini grew up in a lower class family. His father was heavily involved in politics using written political posts to get a local news paper previously and being noticed by the Office of Public Security (Roy MacGregor, p.17/18). His Mom was an elementary school teacher (MacGregor p18). As a youngster, Mussolini was disobedient and violent. He had a passion for politics from his dad and has been expelled from several colleges (Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini). In the age of nine, his mother was able to possess him attend boarding school in Faenza. It was at Faenza when Mussolini heard of differences between the classes. He was treated poorly by rich students (MacGregor p20). He had been expelled from Faenza following his very first year because of his violence. During Mussolini's child...

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