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Admirations of Love Essay

Delight me, tickle my senses, I dare you! To be thrilled - is not that something all of us want to enjoy. Taking a stroll in Edward E. Cummings' poem, branded; "[S]omewhere I have never travelled,gladly beyond", in which he adopts his reader upon showing a rainbow of "colour[ful]" methods - making my thoughts dance over hills of wild blossoms (Cummings 742). With each new flower giving form to a jumble of subjective emotions, he conveys a more pronounced diction. And though I could color myself a portrait with ideal admirations of love, history has a funny way of telling me otherwise. "[S]omewhere I have never travelled,gladly beyond/ any experience,your eyes have their silence: / in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me, / or which I cannot touch because they are too close" (Cummings 742). From the first verse Cummings presents meter, but discontinues this method from the next four verses. When metering the very first verse, it sets it apart, - such as an introduction into a story - laying down a path to the rest of the poem. Reading from one verse to the next, we see Cummings' love for the following become unraveled bit by tantalizing piece. His thoughts start to break down into receptive words onto the page, but still stay embodied within a quatrain structure. Perhaps telling us his love is rampant, but written. In the very first verse, lines one and two are separate from lines four and three with a colon. A colon, in its simplest of ways, divides Cummings' topics from his explanations. The first two lines of verse one, tells me of a location which he desires to travel, but has never been. The third and fourth lines in verse one clarifies that destination and why he should not go. From the fourth verse he entices me.

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