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Providing Quality Patient Treatment Essay

“Nursing is an innovative art, and if it is to be made an innovative art, requires as special a devotion, as hard a planning, as any sculptor’s or painter’s function...” (Nightingale, 1868) In today’s healthcare system, “quality” and “security” are one in the same with regards to patient treatment. As Florence Nightingale defined our profession way back when, it requires vigilance and work to make sure we are doing the very best we can to look after our sufferers. (Mitchell, 2008) The World Health Organization outlines 6 regions of quality that help form our definition of why is quality care. Those certain areas are; (1) Effective: using evidence bases practice to boost health outcomes predicated on needs of people and communities. (2) Efficient: healthcare that maximizes assets and minimizes waste. (3) Accessible: timely care that's provided in a environment where in fact the skills and resources work for the medical want and is geographically realistic. (4) Acceptable/Patient-Centered: health care that considers individual requirements, preferences, and culture. (5) Equitable: healthcare quality that will not vary due to competition, gender, ethnicity, geographical area, or status socioeconomically. (6) Safe: healthcare that minimizes harm and risks to patients. (Bengoa, 2006) Another factor being viewed in quality of treatment is patient satisfaction. There's been some debate concerning if the patient’s perception of their treatment truly reflects the standard of care. I feel such as this can be viewed from both angles. The nurse to individual ratio certainly elements into this along with the acuity of the individuals that may vary dramatically. Simply stepping onto the ground we have more information on “to do’s” for our sufferers; doctors to call, test outcomes to consider, protoco...

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