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CREATED ON 3rd January 2018

Different Methods of Teaching Essay

No more is there only one standard method of teaching (*). Some teachers are now looking for a new method that is gradually gaining popularity known as the flipped classroom (Goodwin and Miller 78). The flipped classroom is 1 form of differentiated education. Differentiated instruction individualizes education for each pupil (Bolin and Garcia). The flipped classroom model was made to accommodate the busy lifestyles of pupils (Bergmann and Sams 2). The flipped classroom doesn't look the same in each classroom, but it is essentially the flipping of notes and homework (13). Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, discuss the shift from the classroom by saying, "The one unifying feature of all flipped classrooms is your desire to divert the attention in a classroom from the teacher and onto the students and the learning." (96). Flipped classrooms prove this innovative method of instruction can be implemented successfully in the classroom (*). Class time in a traditional classroom is not always used effectively (Sams and Bergmann 16). Ahead of the conventional classroom, the majority of class time was spent learning the new content rather than practicing it. Jonathan Bergmann's school runs on a block schedule, therefore course periods are ninety minutes long. The first twenty five minutes of this course were spent in various review actions, such as a warm up and inspection of the last homework. As much as half of this course could be spent lecturing brand new substance. Just about a third of the class period was accessible for pupils to practice what they had just learned (Bergmann and Sams 15). Another difference between the conventional classroom and the flipped classroom is that the general design of this class. In a traditional classroom, pupils pre...

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Part of Religion in Determining the Earth's ConditionThe Ancient greek geographers of the later Roman period producedsystematic calculations for the mapping and shaping of the earth. Yetwhat will come to replace these methodical calculations? Why were theideologies of the flat earth accepted and why had been those of a sphericalearth ridiculed? The response to this question is very simple and isanswered by simply one very clear and succinct word: Religion."Thus..
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