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An Exploration of This Contribution of Disguise and Deceit to the Humour of Twelfth Night

An Exploration of the Contribution of Disguise and Deceit to the Humour of Twelfth Night 'Twelfth Night' can be regarded as a play dark and harsh significance, for instance, it could be said that Malvolio's planned revenge at the close of the play has an uneasy effect on the audience, in a time of overall stability. However I think that although 'Twelfth Night' does raise some ethical problems, overall it is an enjoyable play. It's a drama; designed to be carried out in the dark, gloomy winter to bring lightness into peoples lives and I think it's successful in doing so due to the humorous characters and scenes. I've decided to investigate disguise and deceit because I think it's intriguing to see how Shakespeare has used these devices to donate to the comedy of this play. 'Twelfth Night' contains several scenes, which are intentionally designed to make the viewers laugh, many of which are linked to disguise and deceit. 1 example is Malvolio deceiving himself that Olivia loves him , after getting Maria's letter. The audience would get this humorous as Malvolio was introduced as a character they are not supposed to feel sympathy towards. This is revealed when Malvolio interrupts Feste's, Sir Andrew's and Sir Toby's late-night drinking session. The conflict of characters draw attention to Malvolio's pride: his sharp questions like 'Do ye make an alehouse of my lady's home?' Provokes Toby to tell him 'rub his string crumbs', (Malvolio would have worn a series, as Olivia's servant) portraying him as a self-important steward. Olivia also highlights Malvolios self-importance by saying he is 'sick of self love'. M.. .

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