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China's Future Democracy Essay

Thesis: In seeing China's political background, in addition to the present condition of affairs, it is reasonable to predict that China will gradually become a democracy. History Looking back in history, among the most dominant characters in Chinese politics in the 1930's was Mao Zedong. Mao is extremely well known as the leader of the CCP as well as a dictator. Mao was motivated by revolutionary potential of peasantry and wanted to make a revolutionary approach that would rely on his or her own strength. During the very first Five-Year Plan, a period between 1953 and 1957, some of the goals of the communist Chinese government were to improve heavy industrial production, collectivize light industry and retail enterprises, and produce agricultural communes. These goals appeared to be put forth to produce a more collectivized tradition using a single ideology. And even though there was resistance, the majority of these aims were achieved by 1957. But after those aims were attained, moderates within the CCP were starting to grow tired of Mao and his ideas, and wanted to overthrow him. Mao fought back his opponents with the Hundred Flowers Campaign. The thought of the campaign, was intended to calm down his challengers by enabling free speech, since the campaign said "let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend." This continued for an extremely short period of time, because shortly later, Mao went after those who'd seized this chance to criticize the authorities, party and policies, and imprisoned them. Due to the collapse of the 100 Rings effort, Mao introduced the "Great leap forward." A young Chinese student seeing his parents stated, "They would frequently bring up the subject of the Great Leap famine and tell how awful things were through this.

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