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The Jungle and In the Waiting Room Essay

In the world today immigration and emigration has vastly increased. With these increased motions around the world, the lack of communication creates many impacts. Without a speech in common the attempt at communicating is a difficult procedure. From The Jungle, Upton Sinclair investigates the consequences of language obstacles through a new immigrant household. The Lithuanian family do not have the language skills necessary to their new life in the united states and everyday life is a battle. The problems that increase from a lack of communication lead to a trail of destruction to your family. Additionally, these issues eventually result in devastation, manipulation and cause physical and mental health problems. So, Sinclair poses the effects they face from inadequate communication in a negative light. The language obstacles in the narrative seem to cause horrific and intense events to the characters. Also, in the short story, "In the Waiting Room", David Sedaris investigates consequences due to his own private language obstruction in his time in Paris. He explores different incidents he's experienced because of little understanding about the French terminology. Although consequences arise from his hardship, Sedaris turns his private stories into humorous stories. Thus the approach Sedaris takes lowers the seriousness of the effects and makes the story more interesting and attractive. While both texts utilize a narrative to demonstrate the faults of miscommunication, literary elements may be used to reveal differences in the text. Thus, Sedaris and Sinclair utilize similar tactics to express similar themes, but the gap in tone, point of view and plot arrangement of these texts reveals the subject of the texts contrastingly. The tone of writing is utilized to...

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