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Oku no Hosomichi and Tosa nikki Essay

Assessing Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki shows similarities that make one believe if they are the identical narrative, and many differences that make it appear they are just in various formats. They both have similarities in that they both are travel diaries and they both inform of farewells before their travel. Together with the similarities came a lot differences. The styles of writing of the two diaries were distinct. Also Oku no hosomichi had two traits in writing that Tosa nikki didn't, and has been a philosophy when Tosa nikki wasn't. When comparing Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki there have been a few similarities. Both Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki shared with the attribute of being a traveling diary of events that took place. Another similarity that the two also shared were the farewells explained at the start of the journal. Both either had friends say goodbye or a party. Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki equally were travel diaries which were just written in various format. Oku no hosomichi wasn't written without dates while Tosa nikki was. The diaries told of events which occurred during the journey. Oku no hosomichi refers to the travel of Bashō traveling from Edo into the metropolitan inside region called Oku and Tosa nikki described the ship taken to return to Kyoto throughout the sea. The two Oku no hosomichi and Tosa nikki possess a farewell gathering before the lengthy trip. For example, Bashō explains the farewell gathering between himself and his close friends. "The faint shadow of Mount Fuji and the cherry blossoms of Ueno and Yanaka were bidding me a last farewell. My friends were got together the night before, and they all came with me about the ship to keep me company for the first couple of miles. After we got off the b.. .

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