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Essay on Significance in The Rock Angel by Margaret Laurence

Symbolism in The Rock Angel by Margaret Laurence A mark is definitely a fictional gadget utilized by the writer to represent an idea to the audience. In Margaret Laurence's, The Rock Angel, the rock angel is usually a mark utilized to increase the reader's understanding of the features of Hagar Shipley. First, the rock angel can be used to display Hagar's satisfaction in the Currie family members name. She awards the rock angel because it is usually costly and brought in from Italia to honor a mom Hagar by no means understood. Likewise, the rock angel is certainly representational of Hagar's incapacity to display feelings; like the angel, Hagar is usually hard and frosty. Lastly, the angel is symbolic of Hagar's blindness, as the angel just; Hagar is blind doubly. The symbolism of the stone angel is first apparent in Hagar's pride in the Currie family name. The rock angel can be representational of Hagar's pride in her surname. Hagar thinking the angel because it is definitely an brand of the Currie family members. The angel was bought by Hagar's dad to honor her mom, but it shows up even more to honor their name than anything else. Hagar says, " memory space of her who relinquished her weak ghost as I obtained my persistent one particular, my mother's angel that my dad bought to make her bone tissues and say his dynasty, as he fancied having, and a day forever...She was not really the just angel in the Manawaka cemetery, but she was the 1st, the largest, and the costliest certainly." (1-2). Hagar will take great satisfaction in her family members from this angel. It is certainly a gun of her family's name that will become held throughout the age range. When the angel offers been vandalized, Hagar offers Tom help her drive it back again into place and clean it off. Hagar, through getting married to Bram Shipley provides disgraced the Currie name. The angel becoming vandalized does not work out to honor the fami slso...

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