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Hate Crime Laws Essay Cases

Imagine you are a family member of a man who had been chained to the back of a pickup truck along with medication along a gravel road for two miles before he was dead. Then imagine how you'd feel after you discovered that this happened just because he was a black guy. Matters such as this sicken me. I believe that the people who are responsible for these horrific crimes should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That's why I strongly support hate crime legislation. Before I dive into this very controversial subject, I should probably define what hate crime laws are you'll have a better comprehension of what I am discussing. As I have understood it, hate crime laws are laws that protect specific minorities or bands from prejudice motivated violence and harassment, and more harshly punish individuals that perpetrate these offenses against them. As I began to do my study on hate crime laws I began to observe that there are many specialists on my side of the matter, and not many experts that oppose hate crime laws. In accordance with Issues and Controversies on File some experts that do not support hate crime legislation believe that these laws “perpetuate inequality one of U.S. citizens”. They say that hate crime legislation “single out” or select the minorities that get the special privileges while other groups don’t receive any protection. The way they see it's, “why should it be any more of a crime to attack a gay person, they ask, compared to a heterosexual person?”(506). Other specialists that oppose hate crime laws such as Don Feder, believe that these laws deny another fundamental notion of democracy (equality before legislation) by creating distinct classes of victims”(3). Feder states that “anti-bias laws punish ideas.” He considers that the...

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