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Tragic Heroism in Shakespeare's Antony And Cleopatra Essay

From the catastrophe "Antony and Cleopatra", Shakespeare gifts our protagonist Mark Antony as a tragic hero. He does this by making use of quite a few radically effective methods, including language, staging techniques and construction. Aristotle defines a tragic hero as a personality of noble stature that has a tragic flaw (usually hubris that's over confidence/arrogance) also suffers a downfall that is partially their fault but also because of factors beyond their control. The downfall they endure surpasses the "crime" however, the tragic hero increases some type of self-awareness. Ahead of the audience matches Antony, Shakespeare presents us with just two soldiers talking Antony's present debauched life. This is dramatically effective staging since they are acting as a Greek chorus; clinging into the viewer the general feeling in Rome and also making us vulnerable to feelings of irritation that Antony is unaware of. Philo tells us scathingly who "this dotage of our general's/O’erflows the measure." The usage of the phrase "overall" in the very first line immediately tells us that Antony is a man of amazing rank. Quickly after this, he tells us that Antony "glowed like plated Mars" on the battle. This immediately raises his status to that of a god of war. This allows the audience to reevaluate Antony as a guy who has become fall; he was not always a pleasure seeking guy. Rank and stature are significant details of the tragic protagonist; Aristotle believed that a poor hero has to be a person of noble prestige because it will emphasise the size of his downfall, making it much more tragic. Shakespeare introduces the audience with numerous character connections involving the Roman soldiers to reveal Antony's former greatness, position and stature. They regularly use imagery of...

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