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Post Concerning The Struggle for Control and Power Between Bartleby and The Lawyer

The Struggle for Power and Control involving Bartleby and the Lawyer In Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street "Imprimis: I am a man that, from his youth up, has been filled with a deep conviction that the simplest way of life is greatest"- Melville Melville plans something less white and black with more gray shading. Melville uses dramatic irony and grim comedy in "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street. It is to show the reader just how the Lawyer supposes he is a safe, powerful and effective guy with extensive hands in his considerate society until he hires a man named Bartleby. This relationship is slowly revealed to be a conundrum for the attorney and the reader. Melville shows the way the Lawyer never needed any power or control over Bartleby but quite the opposite; Bartleby held all the power and control within this relationship. I will learn more about the important of this power struggle and the struggle to maintain control involving the Lawyer and Bartleby. The Lawyer assumes he has all of the power when he's coping with Bartleby. He states "he is an elderly individual" (, p. 1) and has practiced law for over thirty decades. The Lawyer assumes that his era and adventures make him a better judge of what is wrong or right with the people he uses. The Lawyer additionally worked for a prominent member of the neighborhood, John Jacob Astor, and would love to believe he is on a comparable degree since his idol. Thus, if a reader had any question of his qualifications this ought to suffice. The Lawyer exerts his power along with his employees including Turkey, a worker he provides a coat not because Turkey wanted a coat but since the Lawyer believes he ought to be more presentable when Turkey is working for him. Turkey di...

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