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Impressions of Curely's Wife at John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men Essay

Impressions of Curely's Wife at John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck sees Curleys spouse as 'nice girl' rather than a 'floozy' yet in the novel 'Of Mice and Men', '' Steinbeck introduces the personality of Curley's wife; she can be interpreted as a mis-fitting personality in the publication. From the publication Curley's wife is probably the most despised on the ranch, the way she acts and looks lead others about the ranch to see her as a 'tart'. Additionally Curley could be the reason of Curley's wife behavior; Curley's wife is clearly lonely from the novel since Curley doesn't pay much attention to her. The lack of attention from Curley compels her to seek it everywhere. She flirts with the other figures around the ranch but they pay her attention . This informative article will go on to look at the personality of Curley's wife and how characters perceive her. When first introduced to Curley's wife in the novel she comes to the bunkhouse, when equally Lennie and George are in there. She's apparently looking for Curly but she knows that new men have arrived. Steinbeck provides a detailed description of her as she stands in the door of their bunkhouse and speaks to Lennie and George. She's 'heavily composed', with crimson fingernails and wore a 'cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers'. This obviously demonstrates that Curley's wife was sporting quite a great deal of red. Wearing might just be the color that Curley's wife enjoys wear, however wearing reddish might indicate danger towards Lennie and George and especially Lennie because when speaking back to the episode back in weed the girl which Lennie harm was a.. .

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