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Article on The World of Wuthering Heights

What's The Reader Drawn Into The World Of Wuthering Heights In Chapters 2 they function as an introduction to the world of the novel the at this stage in the publication, the un-revealed complexity of the relationships between the figures. It's this sense of mystery that reels the reader into the mass of events that have occurred in the past times of WH and that lead into the enigmatic current circumstance. Curiosity plays a main role in enticing the reader to research farther into the 'universe of WH' at this early phase. I feel it is effectively accomplished through a host of factors, including character looks and perspectives, the appearance and air of Wuthering Heights as a place and quite importantly the first narrator in the book and what he enables us to understand about WH. Lockwood gives us extreme descriptive facts about the overall look and air of WH but neglects to give us any insight into the people or the background behind the home. This presents an.

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