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CREATED ON 1st January 2018

The Contrast of quality of life in Hemodialysis and peritoneal patients with a socioeconomics and demographic Signs in Iran

Introduction Chronic ailments have lots of negative impacts on people's quality of life. [1] These diseases not only cause a whole lot of physical and mental problems for patients [2], but also costs on individual's family So their effects will likely be shown in both society and patient [3]. The treatment of kidney patients as chronic illness is one of the most important problems for world's health [4]because this disorder has elevated rates of prevalence and incidence[5] as well as its treatment is associated with higher price and very low recovery. [6] The National Kidney Foundation in United States has defined chronic kidney disease as kidney failure or Glomerular filtration less than 60 ml at 1/73 square meter of body surface area for 3 months or after [7]. In the recent years the amount of kidney patients are increasing also[8]. For instance corresponds in United States reveal that this figure attained from 58220 sufferers in 1980 to 514642 ones in 2007[9]. Such gains could be seen in Iran also, so that the number of patients in this country in 1992 was 3670 ones. It climbed to 8500 patients in 2002 and 32000 ones in 2011. [10] Hemodialysis (blood dialysis) is the most typical way of treating end stage kidney failures. Hemodialysis removes waste products, toxins and excess of fluid in the blood and contains functions like kidney roles in your body. [11] The numbers of individuals who get Hemodialysis treatment are increasing yearly about 15% in Iran. [12] The quality of life for people that obtained Hemodialysis is lower compared to many others. These patients generally must be treated 3 times per week and it makes a whole lot of limits for them. [13] Most of kidney patients could be treated successfully with both approaches of Hemodialysis and transplantation. Kidney transplantation is a c.. .

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