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My Philosophy of Education Essay

Philosophy On Education: My Beliefs Students are the key to our future. In order for them to make sound decisions in life they must have the ability to understand the implications for the choices that they make. My aim as a teacher is going to be to make sure that they receive the knowledge to make those choices. I need to be a teacher so that I will mold students to become intelligent, productive citizens in our society. I wish to be a role model, someone kids can look up to and emulate. I think I am worthy and capable of being a teacher because I'm smart, compassionate, and of high moral character. I think I can encourage pupils to develop into the very best person they could be. To achieve these goals, there are factors I want to consider, for example: what kind of learning environment I shall supply for the pupils, what teaching methods can I integrate, and whom will my students be. The students’ learning environment is a significant factor for their success. I want to encourage both solitary and group learning. The desks will be arranged in groups of two and will promote a buddy system from the classroom. My buddy system is designed to give students the opportunity to interact with other people outside their standard clique. I believe this system will encourage students to become knowledgeable about new people and new thoughts. In addition, I want a classroom with windows. That way, the students could have plants to tend. I feel the plants could promote responsibility and function as a year round science project. Bulletin boards would not reflect the students’ tier level, but rather they would represent something a bit more sophisticated. Hopefully, these brand new boards will provoke inquiries, summit curiosity, and get students ready for advanced subj...

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