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Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay

It's assumed by many people who are getting public assistance funds are using this cash to encourage their alcohol and or drug dependence. Is drug testing to receive public assistance an answer to this problem? Could making this a condition of eligibility really induce people with serious substance abuse and dependence problems farther away from the help and treatment they want? Federal Welfare Reform The Federal Welfare reform act which, was passed from the mid 1990's has changed the way our system addresses these issues. PRWORA (Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act) provided some identifying qualities to cover the problems, and changed the idea that there was universal entitlement for all, also helped to reinforce the notion that there is a class of the deserving poor. In 2001 California implemented the policies required and made our version of the TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) called Cal-WORKS (California's Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids program.) This program has enabled for rules to be implemented like time limits, work requirements and the availability of substance abuse therapy. (Newell, 2011) The people and the substances. As stated by the National Poverty Center (2004) that the amounts have been overstated and the number of people that are on welfare and are abusing substances are lower than initially estimated. The research have varied widely in their findings due to the several kinds of measurements used and the simple fact that most of these reports include other kinds of assistance such as General Assistance. The number offered for the TANF programs are roughly 9.6 percent, these numbers quite similar to the prices of usage amongst the general populace (Jayako...

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