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Post about An Evaluation of the New Woman Phenomenon Present in Bram Stokers Dracula

The gothic vampire classic Dracula, written by Bram Stoker, is one of the most well known novels of the nineteenth century. The story concentrates on a vampire named Dracula who travels to England looking for new blood, but who finally is found out and pushed out by a bunch of newly created vampire hunters. A major societal change which was going on throughout the late nineteenth century, around the time of that this publication was being written, was the changing roles of women in British culture that comprised because the "New Woman" movement and the novel appears to research and worry concerning this subject extensively. These girls wanted to be freed either sexually and politically, but much of the general populace at the time found it unsettling (Dixon, 2006). In this paper, I assert that the feminine characters in Stokers Dracula portray aspects of both traditional 19th century girls and "New Woman", indicating that Stoker is supportive of some parts of this "New Woman" phenomenon but does not support all aspects of it. Stoker appears to encourage the further independence of women but seems to be contrary to the sexually competitive character that's present from the "New Woman" movement. His views on the phenomenon can be observed when analyzing the personality and attributes of three sets of woman, '' the heroine Mina Murray/Harker, both vampire women, and also the very first big sufferer Lucy Westenra. Mina is the most well developed female character in Dracula and is the sole female that is present almost through the entirety of the novel. The personality is first introduced to the reader because the fiancé of Jonathan, and it offers the reader a domestic institution of her which remains throughout the novel. She's intelligent, self-sufficient, has a careerthat's a willi...

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