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Comparing Male and Female Relationships in Cat in The Rain and Hills Like White Elephants from Hemingway

Comparing Male and Female Relationships at Cat in The Rain and Hills Like White Elephants from Hemingway This connection is examined closely in just two short stories. The tales, Cat in The Rain, also Hills Like White Elephants, both show a guy and a girl in what seems like a silent and passive instant. However in both stories, Hemingway carefully uses imagery and subtlety to convey to the reader that the connection in the story is faulty, and is very clearly dysfunctional. Both male characters in each story have difficulty understanding their girls, and it's this inability to view them and what they want that Hemingway is addressing and criticizng. What, in both functions, seems to be a quite and passive moment, is actually a critical point in each connection, and neither man seems to realize it. By way of example, Cat In The Rain tells what seems like a very simple tale of the American couple of spending a rainy day inside their hotel room. This easy set up serves as a great metaphor for what seems to be the couples relationship. Outside it is ugly and gray. And nothing is happening inside. Form the begging, so we could see that this is a well recognized rift in the relationship between George and his husband. The woman sees a cat standing in the rain, and also tells her husband (who is being non judgmental and sits apart studying, the whole time) "I am heading down and find that kitty"(129). Hemingway writes the answer of the Husband as '"I will do it", her husband supplied in the bed"(129). The simple fact that George looks so territorial, and makes no attempt in even getting up clearly shows us that his "offer" her way nothing. He's simply going through a mechanical motion of seeming to pay attention and care, together with even bothering.

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