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Gender Pay Gap Essay

First-wave feminists fought for equality between men and women, so that women could have their very own rights. One of the rights that women fought for was the ability to get post-secondary education (Lorber, 2010, p. 2). Because of this, girls had the capability to attend post-secondary education, and have been exercising this right now because. In 2005, 58 percent of women obtained all bachelor's degrees (Snyder & Dillow, 2007, p. 325). Yet once graduation occurs, there's a different type of sex inequality located at the office. Even though disparity between the number of women and men in the work force is explainable, there is nothing to justify the cover inequality between genders. Even now, the gap between the salary of a male and female employee of the same standard is immense, favouring the male employees. Despite women statistically out-performing men in school, their hard work does not get reflected later on in their own lives when they get underpaid in comparison to their male equivalents. Throughout this paper there will be a replica of conditions that have lost their significance due to their overuse. For instance sex, a term frequently interchanged with gender, does not actually refer to the biological assignment of male or female but is every individual's perception of what society deems as "male" and "female" and the way every person associates themselves. Even though there are tons of different accepted genders in society (third gender category) both in focus will probably be female and male. The focus falls on the ultimatum settings of male or female as they would be the most socially accepted gender roles. There should be more equality for all sexes alike, but the simple fact that society has yet to master equality between men and females only shows lack of endurance, an...

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