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The Future of Responsible Journalism Essay

In trying to attract new audiences, news media have started to transition from reporting to turning into a form of entertainment. With the meteoric rise of social media's role as a news source, the fight for an increase of diversity in the media, along with the ever-growing appetite of immediate content, the potential of responsible journalism is more significant than everbefore. Ask yourself, why do I believe the way I do? Where do my political views originate? How can I prove them? Most likely, it is due to the biased portrayal of issues from the media and the politicization that communicates what we eat. Now, compare your views to your preferred news reporting thing. Probably, they're exactly the same. "Power is the capacity to define reality and to get additional men and women respond to your definition as if it were their own (Nobles)." People today don't see responsible journalism as a catastrophe as it's so convenient to have information media make up your mind for you. The basis of our personal philosophies stems from irresponsible journalism during the major news sources we consume, the vulnerability to less responsible entertainment, and the biased reporting enforcing negative stereotypes. First, let us delve into our very first claim: The foundation of our personal philosophies stem out of reckless journalism through the significant news resources we have. The focus here would be the news resources we have and the way that it's the foundation of our personal and political ideologies. The majority of our personal and political philosophies have a snowball effect from the significant news sources we consume. Now, this is not a complex idea. We watch news programs that line up with our political views. Simple as that, but why? The attention here is why do we watch these stations? An.

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