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The UK Government's Primary Counter-Terrorism Strategy Essay

1.1 Introduction CONTEST is the UK government's main counter-terrorism approach whose purpose is to decrease 'the risks to the United Kingdom. From terrorism, so that people can discuss their lives openly and with assurance (Competition, 2011, Heath‐Kelly, 2012). This strategy contains four main workstreams. Pursue (Contest, 2011, 44p), Stop (Contest, 2011, 58), Safeguard (Contest, 2011, 78p) and Prepare, 2011, 92p), also known as the four P (Santamato, Beumler, 2013). This thesis focuses mostly on Prevent, a policy which aims to 'stop individuals from becoming terrorist or supporting terrorism (Aly, 2013) and argues that the innovative inclusion of Prevent within the established institutional framework generated tensions between government offices and agencies on both national and local levels (Painter, 2013). It identifies and investigates anxieties and conflicts that arose involving Pursue - and - police and security services led work stream - and Prevent tensions within Prevent, and considers that the consequences of Avoid on neighborhood Muslims and on nearby British Kashmiri communities (Davis, McGarrity, William, 2014). This chapter gives a succinct summary of CONTEST, particularly Prevent and Pursue (Contest, 2011, 117p) also discusses changes within this coverage in the previous few decades. This will be followed by an introduction into a number of the conceptual ideas that underpin this policy along with the appropriate literature on Prevent. Gaps in the literature have been recognized, setting the context for your own thesis. Following sections define the goal of the thesis, its originality, and present the data collection methods. The concluding section outlines the structure of this thesis. 1.2 The desktop UK government has changed it...

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