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CREATED ON 29th December 2017

Composing on Missoula´s Homeless Population

Missoula displaced inhabitants Missoula should be working harder to assist the Missoula displaced population. Driving around downtown Missoula you can observe a homeless person on every corner. Missoula is a tourist destination but with homeless people on corners in Missoula's downtown district begging for money looks unattractive and leaves Missoula look like a garbage pit. Missoula isn't doing something to combat this scenario; instead people will walk or drive by and ignore the issue. The real question about displaced people on Missoula's streets is this: do the displaced really need the help? Missoula has five housing options for homeless individuals to get their own area and transition into society. Along with those five choices, homeless have the choice to keep at the Poverello center for a particular quantity of time. The Poverello has 70 beds and will house 100 people each evening. (Poverello Center Annual Report 2012, 2012) The city of Missoula has said in their "10 year plan to end homelessness" that Missoula has 1242 displaced people and 603 displaced households. (Reaching Residence: Missoula's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness, 2012) Of those 1242 displaced people and 603 families just 100 of these will get refuge for a night. This leaves the 603 households on the roads in addition to 1142 individuals on roads. Option one for displaced families is the Joseph Residence at Mclay commons. The Joseph Residence in Mclay commons is for homeless households with kids. The Joseph Residence provides two and 3 bedroom units, together with the rental of the unit accessible for up to 2 years. The Joseph Residence needs a rental fee of 30 percent of home's annual income for rent from the center. The Joseph home provides a support sta...

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Due to the economic crisis facing America the criteria for getting a scholarship into a University needs to be lowered, as well as the standards to keep them. Various aspiring college students rely on scholarships to afford their college education but as a result of outrageous standards that must be upheld to receive and maintain one these people, students are experiencing a hard time. In a recent vote done in the University of Michigan-Dearborn twenty one out of the 54 students..
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