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The Separation of Church and State in America Should NOT Be Absolute Essay examples

Religion is the most influential factor in human society. It is the heart of our existence and has become a way of life in most cultures. The effect religion has had on the USA is overwhelming. This nation was founded on the principle of Christianity. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, and James Madison articulated our nations' constitution with the belief that the Christian religion would establish and govern this wonderful society. Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines religion as, " any particular system of belief, worship, conduct, etc., often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy." (merriam-webster. Id) This definition comprises all people. All American citizens, confessing or maybe, are contained at a belief system. Even atheism; belief in case no God, is a type of religion. During the last thirty years or so, our country has witnessed a decline in the function of religion. With individuals casting shadows over their faith and placing their beliefs in separation of church and say, we have seen our country growing ethical relativity. This moral relativity is dangerous ground. Most individuals are ignorant of their faith, not having the ability to provide reasons for their belief. This spiritual illiteracy in America now has tragically developed the idea that the separation of church and state ought to be complete; thus creating a moral relativity which has had devastating impacts on our nation. Spiritual literacy is something American taxpayers should research and value. This literacy is the comprehension of the beliefs of individuals; being in a position to justify the faith through external evidences. Many Americans cannot do so. The major religion of the United States today is Christianity. Over 90% of those p.. .

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