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Essay on the Town by Thorton Wilder

Somewhere among the grassy hills of New Hampshire lies a tiny town named Grover's Corners. This village at least is present in a play, "Our Town", written by Thornton Wilder. "Our City" is a drama that is separated into three acts, "Daily Life", "Marriage and Love", and "Life and Death", consequently. The play, by every act, explains the world of this very small town of Grover's Corners and the people living and communicating in that mountainous city. Contrary to other plays, nevertheless, "Our City" doesn't have scene when performed. There's just a trellis, dining table and chairs for all those "who feel like they have to have scenery", states that the Stage Manager, who also acts as a narrator. Everything else, including eating a meal, is pantomimed. Grover's Corners is very much alike, but also different from another little town named Newburgh, the space where this particular story is born, and the projected comparison of the essay. Surprising things may arise when comparing any two things, even a fictional town to an actual one. Grover's Corners and Newburgh surprisingly have a lot of things in common, though it doesn't seem like it initially. The similarities emerge if one looks carefully, such as discovering gold or gems beneath a pile of rocks and debris. Geographically, Grover's Corners and Newburgh are both rather diminutive settlements lost in a sea of larger cities and the wide, broad areas of the United States of America. They are both surrounded by rolling hills and agricultural farms to some degree, and they are situated in northern countries. They each have a rich history, dating back to the Civil War, and they've a railroad and other essential buildings that a city needs: a post office, the city hall, a prison, a school etc. Fossils dating before anth...

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