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CREATED ON 28th December 2017

Internet Pornography Censorship vs Free Speech

The world wide web is a worldwide network of computers and databases that has evolved rapidly in the last several years. Tremendous amounts of data are transmitted and are fairly easy to acquire. Although previously the advice available was for the most part informative and industry oriented, lately it's become considerably more diverse and questions are raised as to the appropriateness of the content being viewed and consumed. Another issue is whether the government should play an active role in censoring it, especially in regards to porn, or cyberporn, as it's more commonly known if it's exhibited on the Internet. Should cyberporn be censored? If this is so, who is responsible, parents or the government? Is Internet censorship the answer, or even a breach of the first amendment? The citizens of a democracy must make these kinds of decisions while concurrently maintaining freedom and obligation online. BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM Pornography online and the ease at which it could be obtained has been a very controversial issue, particularly in the last ten years. The Internet was mostly unregulated until 1996 when the Communication Decency Act, a portion of the Telecommunications act, was proposed. The Communication Decency Act, or the CDA, made it illegal to make or solicit any picture or message which has been “obscene” or “indecent”. (Wekesser 106), But how can we define terms with an ambiguity like these. The Court at Miller-constructed the contemporary definition of “obscene”: The fundamental guidelines of the trier of fact must be must be: (a) whether “the average person, applying contemporary community standards” would find the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient...

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