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CREATED ON 28th December 2017

Writer on 1960's Movie Industry Compared to the 1 Today

Tonight is the opening night for a film that the critics were raving about for months. With the sharp separation of your own ticket, the attendant politely leads you to the right theater. The odor of freshly squeezed popcorn pops the atmosphere as you move to discover your seat among the other patrons. As the opening previews end and the lights start to dim, the excited whispering encompassing you gradually tapers off. The film you've been anticipating for weeks is about to begin. Movie theaters are key encouragers of social interaction for decades. It's a place where families make couples fall in love, and friends grow closer together. The motion picture business is a significant thing in our society’s economical construct. In the calendar year 2013 alone, more than one billion film theater tickets have been sold, bringing in a total of approximately 11 billion dollars in earnings ("National Film Theatrical Market Summary 1995 to 2014"). After this impressive statistic is combined with the people that watch movies immediately via Netflix, Hulu, or any other website, the range of people who have access to the vast spectrum of films in america reaches a huge level. To be able to maintain this massive volume of movie enthusiasts, many producers and directors attempt to mould their movies to appeal to many America’s inhabitants. This frequently translates to the social norms of their period being represented inside the films. Films are undoubtedly a type of art. Whatever shows expression can be classified as artistic, and while it isn't always evident, there are many underlying notions that are conveyed in movies. Films often serve as a pure representation of the society where they had been conceived. Giv...

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