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Autism Essay

What is autism? "Autism is a potentially severe neurological illness affecting social functioning, communication skills, reasoning, and behaviour. It is considered that a "spectrum disorder," meaning that the signs and characteristics of autism can present themselves in a variety of mixes, which range from extremely mild to very serious" (Fergus 2002 para.1). Autism was first reported in 1943 with a Dr. Leo Kanner of John Hopkins University. Dr Leo Kanner established his theory on 11 kids who showed signs of withdrawal in individual contact, this started in the age 1 between the years of 1938 to 1943. From the 1940's, the study of autism was so infrequent and this was a fresh circumstance, Dr. Leo Kanner based the disability to be schizophrenia that in the eyes of the parents they believed they had been at fault. In the 60's, that's as soon as the knowledge of autism and the treatments came apparent. (Edelson Para. 8) Using the simple background of dementia will let people understand exactly where and how Dr. Leo Kanner had come throughout the handicap. Some people have never heard about autism and the treatments that go into assisting somebody with autism. The 3 main points that will be discussed are therapy, prognosis, and also the quality of life. Having a child with disabilities can make life difficult but with treatment and treatment kids with disabilities can develop to be what society calls normal. With a child who has been diagnosed with autistic, this starts the wheels turning of what is to do next. The diagnosis of autism is based on I.Q. tests and observations; this is going to introduce what needs that the child might have. As doctors observe children with autism and evaluate how severe each youngster may be. Based on the seriousness of the children is dependent upon the class of treatment th...

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