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Women in the Middle East Essay

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned is a Muslim girls married into the Emir of Qatar (a sovereign Arab state in the Middle East. Her participation in numerous organizations aimed at social and educational reform makes her a powerful figure for women throughout the board; both Muslim and noninvasive. She fights for reform while staying faithful to Islam and creates important notes about the supposed oppression caused by it. In her address The 'Women's Issue' in Context: Reframing the Discourse on Middle Eastern Women she states, "I strongly feel that separating women's status from the bigger issues of the area is indeed loaded with political background and so burdened with truths it has become a more demanding methodology. " She notes that colonial feminism interrupts an infinite battle between women's liberation and faith. "They expect that we'll come to our perceptions and achieve the same rights and freedoms since they have just guaranteed by secularism" (Al-Missned). Al-Missned goes on to say that the whole world is facing human rights shortages -- not just the Middle East. "Particularly since Sep 11 and the ensuing war on terror gross human rights violations have been carried out in the name of democracy and security. Girls are experiencing breach of rights by their government and by occupiers" (Al-Missned) She quotes statistics that reveal that 98.8 percent of those surveyed in the region said that girls have the same right to education as men. So the question is what is the real reason behind gender gaps? Studies have not disclosed into any other reason than instills faith and therefore have no legitimate answer. Without further research into the cause of the problem there is not any capability to begin fixing it. There...

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Nazi prosecution
What continues to be achieved by prosecuting Nazis alleged to have dedicated crimes up against the Jews?"While fighting for victory the German enthusiast will take notice of the rules pertaining to chivalrous combat. Cruelties and senseless damage are under his standard", or so the commandment published in every A language like german Soldiers paybook would have us believe. But during the Ww2 thousands of Jews were victims of warfare crimes dedicated by Nazi's,..
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