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The Responsibilities One Has as a Christian Writer example

What are your "responsibilities" as a Christian? It's hard to follow the news now without hearing about "rights". We've "civil rights", "equal rights", "women's rights", "human rights", and even "animal rights". Everybody is demanding to get his or her rights. Conversely, few of the people today cease to think about another side of the coin and that is what are his or her "responsibilities" Rights and responsibility go hand in hand. There may be no separation of both. To separate them would be to create an unhealthy and dysfunctional individual or group. In the church now there seems to be exactly the same issue. We discuss "our liberty in the Lord", "freedom in Christ", "Christian Liberty" and "Freedom from the Law". These are all true and we should speak about them. Grace is free however it did not come at a cheap cost. It came at the cost of the very prized commodity in the world, the blood of Jesus Christ. We should enjoy the freedom God has given us. We should also cope with everything that goes with that freedom. We are freed from the power of sin but we were not set free and abandoned to our own ways. . According to the Bible, as Christians we have duties to live around. Christianity isn't spiritual welfare! We are saved by grace through faith. There's nothing we could have done to earn our salvation. It's a free gift from God. While we're in this world we have a mission to execute. We have been left some orders to obey. The same Bible that speaks about Grace, Freedom, Forgiveness and home in Heaven also informs us exactly what our responsibilities are in this world. Let us examine some of the major area's that the Bible defines responsibility for your own Christian. God uses individuals in His job...

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Postmodern theory: essential interrogations article
"Postmodern" is a difficult term, and are also "postmodernity", "postmodernism" and "postmodernist", and every various other term a single might come across in the way of advancement. According to Andreas Saugstad (2001) diverse postmodern theorists may possess contrasting opinions and thinkers from place to place may have got contrasting explanations of the term "postmodern". As a result, the postmodern debates..
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Hip hop lifestyle by tobey s. jenkins essay
Originating in the urban Bronx area of Ny hip-hop tradition emerged in the 1970's as a way for minorities to form identifies and social position. Contemporarily, hip-hop has evolved to contain quite a few activities such as, "spoken term poetry, theatre, clothing designs, language, and a few forms of figures, " (Petchauer). Also, in the Journal of Black Studies, author Tobey S. Jenkins states that the core structure of hip-hop culture involves five factors,..
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Starbucks organizational composition has been rearranged to better accommodate customer satisfaction. Schultz, CEO of Starbucks announced the expansion of their matrix organization composition. They will run under several U. S. divisions: Western/Pacific, Southeast/Plains, Northeast/Atlantic and Northwest/Mountain (Schultz, 2008). There are some significant advantages for these kinds of organizational framework which include strengthened communication..
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