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Essay on The Tragic Tale of Judas Iscariot

The Tragic Tale of Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot. A guy who usually strikes dread in to the hearts of Christians and Jews alike. But who's this praised man of Kerioth, really? He betrayed our LORD for 30 silver shekels. Yet, there needs to be The right in him, if not, why on the planet would Jesus choose him? I'll let you know on Judas' feasible motives, thoughts that might have been running through his mind before and following the known fact, his culpability, and the position of his soul. A lot of people believe Judas' just motive for betraying Jesus to the Sanhedrin was greed. Others say he could be trying to get Jesus to confound His enemies simply, not get condemned. I really believe the latter is even more correct. Off first, 30 silver shekels isn't much, about $6.48. He could've conveniently betrayed Him for a lot more, why did he accept just 30 silver shekels? We can not use Zechariah 12:10 because it'd end up being circular reasoning. Probably because he would supply the money to the indegent? Remember John 12:5-6? My theory is usually that Judas valued Christ, so he wouldn't declare Him to become worthless giving Him away free of charge. He betrayed Christ to permit Him to create His Kingdom. Over the last Dinner, Jesus tells the Disciples that one of these will betray Him. Each of them say "Could it be me, LORD?" However when it reaches our friend Judas, and he asks Jesus, Jesus responds, "Yes, it's you." (Matthew 26:25). Just how would you feel in the event that you were declared to end up being the betrayer of god, the father? Personally, I'd experience shocked, rejected, alone, angry, scared, unfortunate, upset, etc. Also, our dear friend Mark (Tag 14:20) did not execute a very great of illustrating this tragic event. I really believe it went something similar to this: When Jesus can be speaking with the Disciples, Judas' looking at Jesus' eyes, not really pay...

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