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Use of Romanticism in Development of Characters from The Scarlet Letter Essay

The Use of Romanticism in Development of Characters from The Scarlet Letter In Hawthorne's revered novel The Scarlet Letter, the use of Romanticism plays an Essential Role in the development of his characters. He effectively demonstrates individualism in Hester to further our comprehension of the issues of living from the stern, joyless world of Puritan New England. It is all gloom and doom. If the sun shines, an individual could barely notice. The whole place seems to be shrouded in dark. The people of the society were stern, and repressed natural human impulses and emotions than any society before or since. However, for this reason specifically, emotions began bubbling and eventually boiled over, passions a novelist such as Hawthorne could grab at red heat and utilize for the basis of an effective novel. Hawthorne reveals Hester's sheer determination to live in this society right through her activities and connections to others, and through the presentation of her kid and through her internal emotio nal battle. В  Hester's adultery creates a sense of dismay and hostility over individuals of Boston. They aren't only shocked that she has done such a thing, but also because she will not reveal the name of the father of their kid. Even though the usual punishment for adultery is death, the Puritan magistrates have determined to be merciful to her declaring that Hester's punishment is to endure for many hours around the scaffold, in full view of everybody. In this "strong but painful narrative," (Chorley 184) Hester understands her sin, also acknowledges that she must pay the cost for her crimes. She would, Hawthorne tells us, have left the narrow-minded colony to start life over...

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