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Now's Drug Laws Essay

Now's Drug Laws Today?s medication laws appear to do more harm than good. The so-called drug war hasn?t seemed to be as powerful as it was meant to be. Its original intent lies in its name, to attack the drug problem in America. Nixon started the war on drugs in the late sixties to stop drug abuse at the origin, the distributors. Another intention for the war on drugs would be to show individuals getting involved in this illegal action that their involvement would lead to serious consequences. The government has taken drastic steps to keep drugs out of our countries streets, from attacking the frontline in The Columbian drug fields, to making numerous drug busts in metropolitan cities across the United States. However, these harsh but well- intentioned laws have been accused of infringing on America?s freedom. Some believe the people have a natural right to use drugs if they absolutely well decided to do so. Even though the war on drugs has been happening for many years, drugs still remain a big problem in the lifestyles of many Americans. Drug offenders as well as abusers are being punished with extreme penalties. Innocent people are suffering for this. And lastly, all the tax dollars going into this war seems to be in vain since its not advancing as it ought to. The American Government saw that drugs have been repressing its own citizens, which made them spring to action. The Government wanted to do anything it took to rid its streets from drugs and crime, which in time the War on Drugs was made. Nixon launched programs with attempts to crackdown on illegal drug use. He also created the Office of Drug Abuse and Law Enforcement (ODALE) along with the Office of National Narcotics Intelligence (ONNI). In 1973, he also pioneered Reorganization...

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