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Essay on The Book of Revelation

This essay will argue that the eschatology of the Book of Revelation forms an integral part of John's effort within the pages of his publication to form a literary world where the forms, characters, and forces of the earthly realm are critiqued and unmasked via the re-focalization of presence from the perspective of heaven. It will attempt to demonstrate that, in response to the societal, political, spiritual, and financial circumstances of his readers, the Book of Revelation creates a counter imaginative reality. Through drawing an inaugurated sense of eschatology and amusing imagery, John can pull the reader into and show them the true face of the imperial world and consequences of its ideology, forcing the reader allegiance to fall with either 'Babylon' or the New Jerusalem. Before starting this essay appropriate, it's necessary to first understand some of what is meant with the term eschatology, and how it's understood from the Book of Revelation. Eschatology broadly defined is that part of theology which deals with conceptions of the 'end times' and of the last things of the world and humankind. Inside it sit many theories, such as heaven and hell, heavenly judgment, the second coming, the defeat of evil and the new creation, among others things. As such, it encapsulates any discussion about the 'end times'. This is definitely an apt title for a lot of the Book of Revelation then, with so much debate of divine judgment on the first ground, the next coming of Christ and the arrival of the New Creation. Within the pages of this text, but a more complex eschatology is portrayed. While in the grander literary scheme of this text we see the ultimate destruction of death and hades and their projecting into the lake of fire...

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