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Writer about Topic of Temperance from The Faeirie Queene

Theme of Temperance in The Faeirie Queene The topics of temperance, that being the employment of restraint, or at least moderation, especially in the inventing to private appetites or desires, also of intemperance, the submitting to these needs, pervade Book Two of those Faeirie Queene. Prior to describing individual rooms within the Castle of Alma, it's beneficial to briefly discuss how the concept of the castle functions within the Book. Spenser compares the towers of this structure with towers in Thebes and Troy, which serves as monuments to individual Based on Berger, Alma's Castle acts as a 'archetype of human temperance'; Spenser especially describes the building in terms of the human body, as it pertains to Christian teachings; in the first canto, he says: Of all Gods workes, that do that planet adorn, there isn't any one more faire and exceptional, Then is mans body both for powre and shape, Whiles it is retained in sobre authorities... Spenser's statement borrows from the polemic of St. Augustine, that says 'there is no demand... that at our sins and vices we doubted the nature of the flesh into the injury of the creator, for in its own kind and degree the flesh is good.' (Berger) Alma's castle signifies this 'good flesh'. During canto IX the reader has been shown that the surplus uses of the flesh, intemperance, that permeate the Other cantos of book II, aren't the sole potential uses of this flesh, according to the activities of Guyo. About the inside of the castle, the Kitchen is explained in detail, so in terms which can be directly linked.

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