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Different Forms of Power Presented in My Last Duchess, A Woman For Her Lover and La Belle Dame Sans Merci

Various Forms of Power Presented in My Last Duchess, A Woman to Her Lover and La Belle Dame Sans Merci Amongst the 3 love poems analyzed in this essay, the theme of male or female power in relationships pervades throughout. The views of the speakers have been expressed and defined through literary and literary practices. This provides the reader an insight to the speaker problems and dissatisfaction with a connection, because of an imbalance of power. However, there are dissimilarities between the classics - such as where in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" the female displays supernatural power and dominance over a knight, the Duke at "My Last Duchess" wants psychological strength over his Duchess. The movie "My Last Duchess" is a dramatic monologue written by Robert Browning and spoken by the Duke of Ferrara. From the poem he shows his megalomaniac tendencies towards his late wife and his belief that his title symbolises his power over her. We also know that he doesn't want his wife for love, but to have the ability to exhibit her and 'show off her' and enforce psychological power over, that will be shown when he says "if she let / Herself be lessoned". This demonstrates that he wishes to mold her into the spouse that he desires. The Duke calls her "My Last Duchess"; below using the possessive pronoun suggests to the reader that he believes his wife goes back to him. This implies that the Duke has an authoritative and virtually overbearing personality as he thinks of his wife more as an object, which he possesses, instead of an individual. The Duke proves his power even further by saying "Notice Neptune, though, / Taming a sea horse". This may suggest that the Duke is attempt...

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