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The Juxtaposition Between Nature and Man at Wuthering Heights Essay

Set at the end of the eighteenth century, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë is a mysterious book that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as Brontë explores the dark side of love, revenge, and the juxtaposition between nature and man. But had Wuthering Heights been set in another time period, many situations-from Heathcliff's coming into the Earnshaw family to the union of Hareton and Cathy-may never have happened. It should also be mentioned that many events consisted of an eerie, strange feel to them-a similar style observed in many Gothic novels, a favorite genre in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. One of the most important occasions in Wuthering Heights was the fateful day when Mr. Earnshaw came back from Liverpool with a homeless kid, who had been named Heathcliff. From the nineteenth century, the market of England had suffered after the war against Napoleon's France and Liverpool did not have the best reputation, having issues like being the residence of 1,200 thieves under the age of 15 and homes that were in disgusting conditions, in addition to overcrowded. As soon as Heathcliff had came, the Earnshaws (excluding Mr. Earnshaw) and Nelly were repulsed with his dark appearance, a feature of his that followed him till the day he died. His dark look matched his dark character as he got old and it's likely that Brontë intentionally made Heathcliff-the gypsy orphan from Liverpool-the unkind misanthropist who gained power over those who once scorned him. The upper and middle classes feared that people of lower course would one day gain power and money, and those of the upper courses feared what would occur. Brontë frequently compares Heathcliff to the devil, introducing him as "a gift of God; however it's as dark almost s if it c.. .

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