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Reciprocal Enjoy in John Donne's Holy Sonnets Essay

Reciprocal love in John Donne's Holy Sonnets Holy Sonnet XV deals with the question of mutual love which runs during Donne's religious poetry. The Sonnet is a speech of the speaker's mind to the speaker's soul; it's a meditation about the Trinity and man's connection to God. The poem's shape and also the multi-layered conflation throughout expound upon the essence of the Trinity. The subject of humility in reciprocal spiritual love or understanding and receiving God's glory (as Donne understood it) runs across the poem. This allows the speaker's soul to understand his own need for humility to be able to love god fully. Donne uses the Sonnet form cunningly in this poem; the formal divisions of this Sonnet reflect the trinity, together with three four-line sections, while the inner workings of this poem expound upon God's love for humanity and the importance of humility. The poem's rhyme scheme is abba/abba/cddc/ee. This formally divides the poem into three four role segments that move in the religious to the physical downward through the Trinity, increasing tangibility with regard to the physical and letting the speaker to achieve a closer relationship with God through Christ. Each four-line segment expounds upon a single facet of the Trinity- God the Spirit/God that the Father/God that the Son. Donne continually juxtaposes that the explication of aspects of the Trinity with explication of man's relationship to God, causing a high amount of conflation throughout. The first line opens with a simultaneous statement of doubt and faith, "Wilt thou love God, as He thee?" Even though the speaker is convinced of God's love, he doubts his ability to reciprocate. This is in contrast to many of Donne's other Holy Sonnets in which the speaker always implores.

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